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Inspect and assess the bike; estimate cost of work required (waived if basic or full service undertaken).

Basic Service & Safety Check


Check, adjust, lubricate, tube & set-up. No parts removed, replaced, or fitted (other than wheels):

• Check over frame and fork for damage (visual)

• Wheels; check hubs & rims, 'Tyre on' wheel true and inflate

• Check and adjust both brakes

• Check and adjust gears

• Check chain wear and lubricate

• Check stem and seatpost & grease to prevent seizing

• Full safety check; torque all nuts and bolts

• Supply advisory note

Full Service

(hydraulics not included)

As per Basic Service, plus fitting of related parts:

• Strip clean and lube brake assembly

• Strip clean and lube front & rear gear assembly

• Replace brake blocks/pads if necessary

• Lube or replace F&R gear and brake cables

• Fit new tyres or tubes if required

• Clean, regrease and adjust all bearings

  (ball bearings replaced)


+ parts

Full Service +

(hydraulic fork service not included)

The bike is completely disassembled, and rebuilt. As per Full Service, plus:

• Hydraulic Brake Service

• Check and correct frame alignment *

(wheel dropouts, forks, rear triangle)

• Check and ream/reface headset *

• Check and reface/clear threads on bottom bracket *

• Clear/re-tap all frame threads *

• 'Tyre off' wheel true +/- 2mm max. runout

• Fit any new accessories (rack, lights, computer etc.)

• Refit bike to customer

*where necessary


+ parts

Which one is right for my bike?

• Basic Service & Safety Check - This is a quick tune up. Book this option if your bike is nearly new and not running properly, or if you have a well maintened bike but are about to enter an event or head off on a tour.

• Full Service - If you ride high milage/long rides, use your bike to commute in all weathers, ride very regularly you should consider this service every six months. For regular leisure cyclists, this is your yearly/18 mionth service (based on reduced use in winter/wet conditions).

• Full Service + - Yearly/18 months for quality commuter/folder/mountain/roadie. Includes hydraulic brake service. If you have an neglected bike then this service will restore it to its former glory.

Back to the Workshop

Service charges include all lubricants and collection/return of your bicycle to your property within a 5 mile radius of our workshop.

Single speed childrens bikes (wheel size less than 26in.) recieve a £10 discount. Offer excludes BMX with giro bars/brakes).

For each adult bike sent for a basic service & safety check, or full service, up to 2 chiuldrens bikes with gears (wheel size less than 26in.) will ge the samne service at a 25% discount. BMX inc.